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The Biggest Supplier of Portable Charging Kiosks in the United States

Why Choose 24Charged?

We stand as the biggest supplier of portable charging kiosks in the United States, dedicated to guaranteeing that your business, venue, or event gets the best quality product and service. Our charging kiosks distribute portable chargers that your guests, customers, and/or attendees can conveniently carry along.


Drive new inbound traffic via our app.


Customers stay longer and spend more.


Additional guest amenities offered at your location


Users are likely to return to your location


Our rental platform is the most affordable on the market.


Users can keep the chargers as long as they need and return them to our network.


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The charging station would be designed to fit seamlessly into your existing space, with minimal impact on your operations. It would be equipped with everything needed to ensure a safe and efficient charging experience for customers, including multiple charging ports, clear signage, and safety features.

About Our Charging Stations

  • Slots No. - 6 slots / 32 slots
  • Network - 4G /3G / GPRS
  • Dimension - 216*257*190
  • Weight - 3.5Kg
  • Rated Power - 40w
  • LCD Screen – 8-inch LCD 1280*800
  • NFC Payment (Tap & Go) - Debit/Credit Card contactless and chip payment / Google Pay / Apple Pay Wallet